Who Will Be the Next Mayor? - June 13, 2015

Released at: June 13, 2015

WHO WILL BE HOUSTON’s NEXT MAYOR and CITY CONTROLLER? Recently the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston organized and hosted endorsement sessions with leading mayoral and city controller candidates with the aim to help all fiscally conservative fellow Houstonians make that decision. How will our future leaders handle the serious financial challenges facing our city, and defend taxpayers’ pockets from wasteful spending? How will they protect the city’s international image as a place of open commerce and social tolerance? What will they do to safeguard the security and civil rights of all its citizens? The answers to these and other questions will lead LCR Houston members to issue endorsements in the coming LCR meetings (stay tuned).

Talking about LCR meetings, at the June meeting last Wednesday, Daniel Williams with Equality Texas delivered a riveting account of the victories that the coalitions between equality-minded groups, conservatives, business groups, progressives, and people of faith, played in killing bad legislation. It was a true guided tour through the Byzantine political halls of Texas’ law-making process.

Half way thru, 2015 has been a busy and exciting year for LCR Houston, and it promises to only ramp up. We started the year as part of a broad, forceful effort at the Texas State Capitol with messaging on issues of concern to LCR members and supporters, GLBT and not. Then LCR Houston’s annual fundraising dinner was keynoted by the top GOP officeholder in Harris County, raised a record amount, and was attended by many GOP officeholders and candidates for Houston’s highest political offices. And now LCR Houston is deep into the candidate review process that is critically important for anyone concerned with the future of our great metropolis.

Do you want to have a say in the future of your city? You can.

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