Wayne Smith vs. Bricoe Cain Campaign Flier-May 22, 2016

Released at: May 22, 2016


Texas 128th House District Race

We at the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston are greatly dismayed by the reports of reprehensible pro-Wayne Smith fliers that attempt to appeal to anti-gay prejudices the authors must assume are prevalent within the 128th House District.   These fliers not only appear to falsely characterize Smith’s opponent's sexual orientation, but they also promote the notion that any association or contact with the citizens of Montrose is somehow harmful. This flyer is an insult to the fair-minded people who comprise the 128th district.   We urge Wayne Smith’s campaign to condemn this approach in no uncertain terms, and to make clear that the voters should decide the contest with Briscoe Cain on the issues, not based on personal attacks.

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