Masterpiece Cakeshop SCOTUS Decision

Released at: June 08, 2018
Contact: LCR Houston Public Relations

Same-Sex Wedding Cake Ruling & Path to Freedom for All


By Susanna Dokupil & Marco Roberts | Houston Chronicle | June 8, 2018

"The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 Monday in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission that compelling a baker to create a cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding was unconstitutional under the Free Exercise Clause. While religious liberty advocates won a legal victory, both sides — indeed, all Americans, religious or not — won a victory for freedom of conscience and mutual tolerance."

Susanna Dokupil, former assistant solicitor general for the state of Texas, and Marco Roberts, the president of the Houston chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, co-authored an opinion piece on the questions at issue in this high-profile case.

Please click here for full column in Houston Chronicle.


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