LCR Houston Endorses for President and Local 2016 Races

Released at: October 28, 2016
Contact: LCR Houston Public Relations


As folks head to the polls now through Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, we remind our members and supporters of the candidates the local chapter has endorsed; And, we and announce our new, first ever, special endorsement for president of the United States.


Sarah Davis – Texas State Representative HD 134

Not only has Sarah Davis been - and continues to be - a strong defender of the freedom and equal rights of all Texans, she has been an unusually brave pioneer in that defense at the state house, often standing alone among her peers on the state house floor when it comes to the rights of sexual minorities.  Moreover, in her service in the Texas legislature, Sarah Davis has established a record of service that is highly regarded for its integrity, ethical standards, and responsiveness to the concerns and interests of her constituents, reflected in the her growing electoral margins of victory since first elected in 2010.  Having survived a battle with cancer, Sarah Davis turned her life towards public service – and the people of Texas have been the better for it ever since.

Matt Murphy – Texas State Representative HD 147

In our Board’s discussions with Matt Murphy, we were gratified to discover that Matt Murphy, in addition to sharing our chapter’s commitment to the Republican values and principles of limited government and respect for Constitutional liberties as well as property rights, Matt Murphy also shares our views on, and understands the importance of, the fundamental issues that lie ahead in regards to the equal treatment under the law for all people regardless of sexual orientation, status as a sexual minority, or differing religious beliefs.


Donald J. Trump – President of the United States of America

Having been granted this one-time option to endorse a federal race at a chapter level, with full respect and consideration of all the views and concerns of all our fellow Republicans, having engaged in a deliberate effort to take full account of the diversity of freely expressed opinions among our own ranks, and having assessed the options for the future of our country: we the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston, in solidarity with the will of the voters in the Republican primary and in affirmation of that electoral process; in sympathy and respect for the long-ignored legitimate concerns and interests of millions of Americans that have now been brought to the attention of the nation by the candidacy of Donald J. Trump; in praise of the unprecedented open and public expression of support for GLBT rights at a Republican convention by Donald J. Trump, and to safeguard the balance of the Supreme Court for the next generation; endorse the Republican nominee for president of the United States.


While local LCR chapters may not endorse in federal races, we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the goodwill of the following candidates:

Ted Poe – Texas 2nd U.S. Congressional District

We at Log Cabin Republicans of Houston hereby express our appreciation for the open, working relationship Congressman Ted Poe has willingly established with the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston since the re-establishment of our chapter in 2010.

Lori Bartley – Texas 18th U.S. Congressional District

We at Log Cabin Republicans of Houston hereby express our appreciation for the inclusive and respectful tone of Lori Bartley’s campaign in regards to people of all walks of life, and for the stretched hand Lori Bartley openly extended to the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston from the start of her campaign.