Houston 2015 Election Congratulations - November 4, 2015

Released at: November 04, 2015


With the nation’s attention on its 4th largest city, last night Houston’s voters came out in record numbers for an off-year city election, turning out at the polls in numbers nearly 54% higher than in 2013’s city election to set the course of our growing and vibrant city’s future. We happily congratulate our friends and endorsed candidates for office who ran successful campaigns to clear victories in their respective races, and whom we know will serve our city well:

Bill Frazier, City Controller
Michael Kubosh, City Council At Large Position 3
Brenda Stardig, City Council District A
Greg Travis, City Council District G

We also extend our earnest encouragement to those whose names we shall see in the runoffs, and whom we intend to support to ultimate victory:

David Robinson, City Council At Large Position 3
Jack Christie, City Council At Large Position 5
Steve Duc Lee, City Council District F

We would like to take this opportunity to offer a special thanks our good friend and outstanding fellow citizen Steve Costello for bringing to Houston’s mayoral race a campaign that not only focused our public discourse to issues of city infrastructure and core services relevant to all of its citizens, from all backgrounds and all walks of life; but also elevated its tone, always displaying respect for the vote and the will of every one of its citizens.

Lastly, we express our respect for all the citizens of our great city who cast a ballot, no matter how they were marked, for taking an interest and a position on the affairs of our city and on how we all shall shape its future.

And, about that future: We look forward to taking part in the race ahead and supporting those remaining candidates we believe will offer Houston the most promising future possible.

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