H.E.R.O. White Paper - November 23, 2015

Released at: November 23, 2015


HOUSTON, Texas – November 23, 2015 – Log Cabin Republicans of Houston has formed a committee to draft a white paper and a proposal for a revised and more streamlined equal rights ordinance that will address the conflicting economic pressures and social interests certain to continue to press upon the city. The ordinance envisioned would address the core concerns of those corporate and minority interests that so strongly supported the defeated ordinance, while also safeguarding the concerns of the the majority which expressed its concerns regarding safety and privacy issues through the rejection of the ordinance.

At this moment LCR Houston is already undertaking a thorough review of the defeated ordinance, other ordinances passed in Texas and around the country, as well as literature on the subject of such ordinances and the way they may infringe on Constitutional and other ordinarily expected rights when not properly written. LCR Houston looks to publicly release its white paper and proposal near the end of 2016, to then invite input and feedback from different segments of our city, in a process LCR Houston plans to make open and transparent to everyone.

Mayoral candidate Bill King (endorsed by LCR Houston) recently said that Houston should "begin a discussion about how do we best go about demonstrating to the rest of the world the kind of city Houston really is." LCR Houston is committed to opening that new conversation on fair treatment and equal rights, beginning with a dialogue that includes both proponents and opponents of the previous ordinance.

LCR Houston has a unique vantage point between the opposite sides on the last vote, and as such we believe has a unique opportunity to provide an answer that has the best chance to overcome the many serious hurdles in the way of an ordinance with broad-based acceptance and support. LCR Houston is now on that path, and extends an open invitation to any organization interested in joining in this work.

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