Statement on Harvey Hurricane

Released at: August 29, 2017
Contact: Log Cabin Republicans of Houston


These last few days have been a time of severe testing for our city and neighboring communities.   We have been ravaged by a storm of unprecedented power and destructiveness, and we are not yet through all its devastating effects.

This is a time of trial for all of us, and for many, a time of great suffering.  For all who have suffered, we at the Log Cabin Republicans of Houston offer our thoughts and prayers for your relief and consolation.  

But if this is a time to mourn our losses, it is also a time for us to count our blessings.  We can be grateful for the heroic, generous and self-sacrificing ways that Houstonians, and people from across the country, have responded to this crisis.  We have witnessed the better part of ourselves manifested in our first responders, our medical community, our charitable and service organizations, our volunteers, and in the myriad of acts of spontaneous kindness offered in a dark moment from one stranger to another.

Rebuilding our city and community will be a long and arduous process.  The needs of our community will be great and can only be met by a community-wide response.  We at LCR Houston know our membership will do our part.

Houston will recover from this disaster.  Houstonians will do what we have always done in the face of a grave crisis: We will put aside whatever differences we have and work as one for the greater good of the city that we love and that is our home.  And that, above all things, is our enduring greatest hope.