Former LCR H President elected HYR President - October 21, 2015

Released at: October 21, 2015

Late this summer, one of our own, a former president and one of the founders of the re-invigorated Houston chapter of Log Cabin Republicans, took a leading role in another organization that by its very nature speaks to the future: For those that may have not heard, Chris Busby, profiled last year in the Houston Chronicle by Pulitzer Prize winner Lisa Falkenberg, was elected president of the Houston Young Republicans (please see the linked story which itself has a link to the Falkenberg write up). We offer our belated congratulations to Chris, and wish him success in his efforts to advance the interests and rights of all Americans through the strong values of limited government and personal responsibility that are the hallmark of the Republican Party.…/chris-busby-elected-president-of-t…/

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