Endorsements for Elections of Nov 2019


The Log Cabin Republicans of Houston voted to proudly support the following candidates for City of Houston elections on November 5, 2019:

Mayor: Bill King
At Large 1: Mike Knox
At Large 2: Emily De Toto
At Large 3: Michael Kubosh
At Large 4: Anthony Dolcefino
At Large 5: Sonia Rivera
District A: Amy Peck
District C: Two (2) Greg Meyers & Daphne Scarbrough
District G: Greg Travis

The city of Houston is fortunate to have many good candidates running for city offices, and our organization could not them endorse all. After a diligent and thorough report by our 2019 Endorsement Committee, The Log Cabin Republicans of Houston chose to endorse those candidates that most closely reflected and expressed the values and interests of the membership, especially in areas of city finances, public safety, flooding, infrastructure, and issues regarding unfair discrimination and equal treatment under the law.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS. In 2015, Bill King rose from 3 percent support among likely voters in June 2015 to 25% in the general election in November 2015, where he came in 2nd to Sylvester Turner's 31%, and earned a place in the runoff. In that runoff in December of 2015, King got 49.98% to Turner's 50.02% - a difference of well under 1,000 out of almost 209,000 votes, or less than 5 votes per precinct! More recently, the now-famous Dan Crenshaw (our keynote speaker for our 2019 Lincoln Dinner), won a runoff in the primary race for Texas 2nd U.S. Congressional House District by only 155 votes over the 3rd place finisher, out of over 46,000 votes. One or two people per precinct could have changed history.


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