City Elections Endorsements - August 24, 2015

Released at: August 24, 2015


Log Cabin Republicans of Houston Full Endorsement List

The Log Cabin Republicans of Houston is proud to announce that it has finalized its endorsements for the 2015 Houston municipal cycle. The Log Cabin Republican organization has weighed a lot of issues and many candidates who have sought our endorsements. The process involved the full membership of the organization and carefully considered the looming issues before our city. Issues we considered included the fiscal deficit that our city faces, pension reform, TIRZ, economic development, social inclusivity, HERO, infrastructure, and issues of liberty. No one issue served as a litmus test and we pulled from the broad spectrum of views within our group to find consensus on the best candidates to lead our city for the next term. We are grateful to all candidates who sought our endorsement and look forward to working with whoever ultimately wins to help solve our cities looming issues.

Mayor- Stephen Costello
Controller- Bill Frazer
At Large 1- Jenifer Pool
At Large 2- David Robinson
At Large 3- Michael Kubosh
At Large 5- Jack Christie
District A- Brenda Stardig
District F- Steve Duc Le
District G- Greg Travis

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